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What is the difference? Galaxy Gear S3

Always feel jealous someone who has iWatch and iPhone…

Hi, this is Toni@Singapore:)

Finally, I bought Galaxy Gear s3 classic when I went to Johor Bahru(Malaysia)


Really, really, really amazing smart watch I have ever seen before!!

Why I bought Gear s3 in Malaysia?

This is simply because cheap.

In Singapore, we can see the price as $549(Singapore dollar)

However, it is 1,399MYR(Malaysia Ringgit), approximately 456 SGD

What is the difference?

I did not investigate the difference well before purchasing, but not so much actually.

The difference are that they don’t have LTE model and Samsung Pay.

1.LTE model

This is the function which is available “Gear S3” as “Independent device”.

But need to contract e-SIM separately like only Singtel has…

So this function is not necessary for me as long as using under Bluetooth.


2.Samsung Pay Availability

As per my investigation and support from Malaysian Samsung, Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) and NFC is available.

However, Samsung Pay on Gear S3 is installed in America, Singapore and Australia so far.

Need to wait update from Samsung, but MST has, so I guess it will be used soon…


“No installed payment apps” and even we cannot see the Samsung pay on Gear Manager app as well…

Actually so sad, because Samsung pay promotion is somehow “attractive” for me.

But function is a lot and also can avoid to spend time to see NOT important notifications.

Additionally, quick reply and reply function is useful when I am hectic.

Not only keyboard typing, but also Voice and handwriting are used and available to modify quick reply such as “OK”, “Sure”, “I am looking into it.” or anything you want to put.

*Whatsapp, Line and SMS are able to use this function*


These are the difference Gear S3.

When you buy new Gear S3 and need to use Samsung pay, please pay attention to see where it is from.


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